About Us

Kausar Parveen Foundation’s slogan clearly reflects its mission, which is “Lets Serve Humans, To Save Humanity”. This sentence enables “Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF)” to continue giving hope to people fighting life-threatening illnesses through the fulfillment of their dreams, and to further help as many people facing some illnesses/problems through their projects.

Welcome to the Kausar Parveen Foundation

Founded 02 years ago, our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals. We all have a common goal – helping you!


Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) is a non-government organization, which is providing Primary Health Care and Education Programs. Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) is working in backward areas of Lahore and Punjab. Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) comprises of professionals including doctors, teachers, social workers, media persons, and business professionals. All are agree on the same goal to provide basic necessities of life to the deserving.

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Success Stories

Some of our regular beneficiaries are mentioned below but their pictures are not displayed because we believe that everyone is equal, respectful citizen of this society and this may effect his/her respect.

Zahida Parveen

She is a patient of “Chronic Hepatitis C”. KPF came to know about her, when she was very serious and admitted in local hospital. She has no family that was why she had no money for her expensive treatment. KPF is giving her medical sponsorship from February 2017. Now she is very much recovered and spending a batter life.

Arooj Shahzad

Arooj Shahzad is a student of KPF Taleem. When she joined us, her family was hand to mouth. Because her father is a security guard in a school and her income was not enough to fulfill their family needs. Arooj attended cloth designing & stitching classes at KPF. Now she is doing her business and supporting her family income like a son.

Muhammad Musharib

In south Punjab, Muhammad Musharib is a young kid of 9 but he is the only hope of his mother. He was out of school due to shortage of family income. Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) started to support them, now Muhammad Musharib is a bright student of “Garrison School (Bhawalpure)”. We pray for his bright future and Insha Allah (KPF) will support him, till his success.