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Kausar Parveen Foundation


Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) is a non-profit organization, established & registered under Societies Registration Act Pakistan: XXI of 1860, located at Lahore (Punjab), Pakistan.

We at Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) always fully focused on helping deserving people to overcome any hurdle related to their health or education. Our aim is to save specially those people which are being victimized by so many diseases which are easy to cure on initially stage. As per our observation, more than 40% poor people even don’t know about their diseases. So we are very active to literate and cure those people in so many ways. 

Best Doctors

From very first day, Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) is focused to serve the deserving people with the best available team in multiple fields of medicine. Our aim is to open multiple branches of KPF Clinic & Diagnostic Center, nationwide to cure the people with less earnings.

Qualified Faculty

Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) has taken the responsibility to literate the poor and deserving children. For this purpose, we have hired well educated and experienced faculty in both (Islamic & Formal) fields of education.

Disaster Relief & Awareness Camps

KPF is playing its role very actively to literate people about various problems including very common and serious diseases that how they can overcome serious diseases without taking medicine.

Our Projects

KPF Clinic

Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) is willing to open various branches of KPF Clinic & Diagnostic Center in different areas of the country. From this platform, every deserving citizen of Pakistan will be cured without any discrimination.

KPF Taleem

KPF Taleem, is divided into three parts.

ONE: Free religious education for everyone.

TWO: Free formal education for poor children.

THREE: Free skill development courses for needy people, to learn or enhance their professional skills.

KPF Awareness Camp

Pakistan is facing serious climate change issues. A very high rate of people disturb due to flood, earth quake and viral issues, every year. KPF, is playing its role to literate people about various problems including very common and serious diseases.

KPF Apna Ghar copy

“KPF Apna Ghar” is a shelter home for homeless people. Through this project our aim is to give shelter to street children, homeless women and senior citizens.

How We Can Help…

We are always available to help others


Kausar Parveen Foundation (KPF) and its team feel very proud when they help someone in following fields;

  • KPF Clinic & Diag. Center
  • KPF Eye Center
  • KPF Dental Clinic
  • KPF Medical Camp
  • KPF Taleem
  • KPF Disaster Relief Camp
  • KPF Awareness Camp
  • KPF Shelter Home

Our Campaigns

Some of our Educational, Medical & Social Media campaigns

Education Campaign In South Punjab

Pakistan is a free state from 1947 but its true, due to our mistakes in past, there are more than 27 million children which are out of school. South Punjab is also one of the most disturbed areas.

Medical Camp In Lahore

In Pakistan, more than 23% people die annually due to some diagnosed diseases. Purpose of our health centers and medical camps is to cure diseases on very initial stage. For this purpose, we have organized some medical camps in various areas of country.